Zebra Samurai – Restored by Shannon Guderian

"One of the funnest projects I've ever done."

Zebra Samurai – Restored by Shannon Guderian
March 19, 2015 Coleman Mcvea
  • Tires and Wheels:  American Racing Teflon Graphite on Geolanders
  • Suspension: 1″ Old man Emu springs w/ 1.5 LROR shackles
  • Drive-train:   All the goods from LROR!
  • Performance mods:   Under Construction!
  • Other accessories:   Leather wrapped factory wheel, heated seats, a great deal of attention to ride and sound quality, blue tooth, sub, rigid LED lighting, bumpers, wench, safari rack, and just about every restoration product LROR offers.
  • Does everything work the way you want?    So far this little machine is one of the funnest projects I have ever done. Easy to build with a source like LROR. Much cheaper and more diverse than any side by side on the market. Perfect hunting machine.
  • Anything you would change?  The amount of time I spent preserving the factory 86 paint, and hand cutting/laying each graphite decal. Yes…. That is all vinyl!
  • Anything to add?   Working over the driveline, installing transfer case gears and reworking the axles and shafts. Window tint and a healthy dose of AC and she will be ready for the trails, hunting, the beach, or daily driving.
  • Toughest trail or obstacle? Toughest obstacle so far has been finding the perfect wheels! Well worth the wait wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Curt 3 years ago

    I too have a GT-500. How did you get all this done to your Samurai? All at once or, over a long period of time? Would like to take my Sammy, which is in very good condition, and make it nice. Like yours!

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