Who is Low Range Off-Road?

Who is Low Range Off-Road?
March 17, 2015 Coleman Mcvea

“It seems like my family has been involved with off road motor sports in one form or another for as long as I can remember,” said Sean Conk owner and founder of Low Range Off-Road. “We’ve always had dirt bikes or four-wheelers for riding in all the great areas we have here near our home in Provo, Utah. But we hadn’t done any slick rock trails like what southern Utah has to offer. . . yet!”

Sean and his family had a close friend named Don

Our Friend Don and His Jeep In Moab, Utah

Our Friend Don and His Jeep In Moab, Utah

that ran some trails in the southern part of the state near Moab, Utah and could not stop talking about how much fun it was. Sean said, “Give me a break . . . It can’t be that much fun.” After one trip Sean’s whole family became hooked as well. Not wanting to spend too much money on something that was just a hobby, Sean’s father Steve bought an old Suzuki Samurai. It was completely “stock”, with parts pieced together from 3 different Samurais. Because it was painted John Deere yellow and it had Tweety Bird floor mats, tire cover, mud flaps and even a Tweety Bird air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror, it was given the name of, . . . you guessed it, Tweety Bird.

Because Tweety Bird was completely “stock” it needed some upgrades to handle the more difficult slick rock trails.

Tweety Bird in Moab, Utah, USA.

“Tweety Bird I” in Moab, Utah, USA.

Buying parts online seemed to be the cheapest way to keep within the budget. Oddly enough the best on-line supplier at the time was only 25 miles away. Sean developed a relationship with this company and over time, stopped his job “turning wrenches” and went to work for them. Because of his passion for off-roading and experience in online marketing, Sean began exploring the idea of starting his own business. His wife Maria agreed to keep working at her job while Sean and his younger brother Chris started the business working out of Sean’s home. A 10’ X 10’ spare bedroom became the office, the 30’ X 30’ garage became the warehouse and the kitchen counter became the shipping department. Because of unprecedented increased sales and a growing need for larger warehouse space, Low Range Off-Road is in its 4th location in Orem, Utah with over 9,200 square feet under-roof which includes a large show room,

Low Range Off Road, 1195 South 1680 West, Orem, Utah, USA

Low Range Off Road, 1195 South 1680 West, Orem, Utah, USA

5 offices, 2 break rooms, 3 bathrooms, a warehouse and shop with a 4,000 sq. ft. fenced compound. In May of 2012 Low Range acquired an additional 7,700 sq. ft. building. It is used for fabrication, component rebuilding, media and research and development.

Sean is the first to admit that he has not built this highly successful company by himself. “My wife Maria has been right by my side every step. I would be lost without her. She is my life!” Sean said of his younger brother Chris, who is Head of Internet Sales & Marketing, “He is one of the most intelligent individuals I know. He keeps our website up to date, monitors marketing trends, leads out in product development, researches new products and attracts new suppliers.” Sean’s father Steve, after joining the company some years back, leads out in a newly acquired business called Opti-Lube, a rapidly growing diesel fuel additive company that is turning heads in the Heavy Duty Trucking, RV and Light Duty Truck industries. Low Range’s employee base has grown from 1 to 37 in a matter of only a few years. Sean was quick to say, “Without our dedicated employees we’d likely still be shipping from my garage.” He also added, “We’d like to thank our thousands of loyal customers who have allowed us to serve them with their off-road needs over the years.”

Low Range Off-Road is an outstanding example of hard work, family unity, dedicated employees and loyal customers.


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