Ultra 4 News

Ultra 4 News
March 11, 2015 Brycen Conk
Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin in His Jimmy’s 4×4 IFS Chassis

King of the Hammers is a Race that just Keeps Participators and Spectators Coming for More. Because of this Off-Road Super Bowl a Series of Race’s was Born.

Levi Shirley

Maxxis Driver Levi Shirley Tearing it up in the Sand

Ultra4 is a Race Series that pulls the attention of many high quality Off-Road Chassis Builders. Many Machine Shops¬†Love the Challenges that Ultra4 provides. Making a product that’s Light Weight yet could Survive even your future father In-law’s shotgun blasts is a tough challenge to overcome. Manufactures and Retail sellers love to have there Product to be the best product on the market yet with some price tags reaching into the 10’s of thousands of dollars for just one part, this Sport is not for the light wallet individual.

With this sport becoming a marketing paradise, Manufactures are sometimes willing to bite the bullet and give Racers there well designed product for a cheap piece of sticker Real Estate. The concept is simple, if you Win!, you must have the Best Parts money can buy. This cause’s the Manufactures wanting there parts on the rigs of the best racer’s in the series. But even if you have a bout of bad racers season, sometimes the things most talked about are the epic rolls and spills on the course. If you have an awesome on car video clip the views and likes can go Viral. Having a logo or Brand plastered in the line of sight can mean money in the form of advertising.

With this starter article we want to provide the latest Roll, Jump and Sponsored Product to the public.

We want to provide you with information like,

  • What tire’s are they running
  • What Motor
  • What Axles
  • What they switched from in the past
  • Who Won
  • Latest Builds

Stay tuned to News and Events and we will provide the best quality information and news for your Ultra4 Fan inside.



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