Tylor Kinniard—March 2017 Employee Spotlight

Tylor Kinniard—March 2017 Employee Spotlight
February 28, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

Q: What is your job/role at Low Range Off-Road?  I work as a sales rep for Toyota and Suzuki Off-Road parts.  I also act as tech support for Suzuki’s mainly,  just starting to learn the Toyota stuff.  Difficult when you’ve never been under one but I am getting there.

Q: How long have you been working here?   I have been working at Low Range for 6 weeks now.  Worry not though, I have previous experience in auto sales.  Just moved here to work for Low Range.

Q: What do you like most about working here? My favorite part about working here is having people around that share the same interests as me.  Not just co-workers but the customers as well. How many people can say they love talking about work?

Q: Where are you originally from?   I am from Ohio.  Long way from home here in Utah.  As I mentioned above I moved here just 6 weeks ago.  Just starting to settle down and make new friends.

Q: What’s your background?   I am 23 years old now.  I have been married for 3 years. I remember moving a lot.  So this is nothing new to me.  I like travel and experience new environments.  I hunted and fished with my dad when I was younger.  In high-school I did a lot of graphic design and special effects plus some audio mastering.  I am starting my 5th year in the auto industry.

Q: Any favorite sports teams?   My current hobbies keep me from watching sports as much as I used to but I like to keep up on the Pittsburg Steelers whenever possible.  I also watch sports car racing and rally cross when I can.  I recently got into skate boarding and downhill bmx.

Q: What vehicles do you own?    I wish I could say I still owned all the vehicles I had owned before but right now I have a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4 door.   My last vehicle was a 1988 Suzuki Samurai soft top.  I also bought a 2013 Kia Rio for my wife.

Q: What is your family like?   My family is big.  Which is the only hard part about moving so far away.  We would have dinner at my grandmothers house every Sunday. 

Q: What are your hobbies?    I have way too many hobbies to list.  The one that takes up most of my time is working on my vehicles. 

Q: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?   I think I wanted to be a few different things.   I knew I wanted to be a husband.   I can check that one off the list.  Through high-school I wanted to be a professional artist.   Now,  I just do that in my free time.   I honestly never knew I would end up liking cars so much.   I only started working on them 2 years ago.   Those Hot Wheels I had as a kid must have influenced me subliminally.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?   I am a bit of a pizza snob.  When I first moved out of my parents house my apartment was next door to a little pizza shop.  I ate that pizza for dinner almost every day after work.  Good stuff.  Now that I am in Utah I have been going from pizza shop to pizza shop trying all the best pizzas.

Q: What is something that people may not know about you?    I watch bad movies on purpose.   Like The Room and Trolls 2.   Sometimes I invite friends over and make them watch it because it’s fun to make jokes about how bad the movie is and see their reaction to the movie.


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