Trail-Gear—December 2016 Featured Supplier

Trail-Gear—December 2016 Featured Supplier
November 29, 2016 Coleman Mcvea

For almost 8 years, Low Range Off-Road has featured products from a supplier that has made huge waves in the Off-Road Industry.  Who is this?  Trail-Gear!  Matthew Messer, President and CEO has continued the same mission since the company’s beginning –– Manufacture products that are in stock, and have outstanding customer service. These two things have taken Trail-Gear to extreme heights, stocking over 50,000 square feet of Toyota, Suzuki and Jeep products. It’s not uncommon to see at least one Trail-Gear product on any off-road rig. Low Range Off-Road not only stocks Trail-Gear products in mass proportion, we offer discounts off of TG’s online pricing, saving you money so you can afford all those hard to find and extremely valuable off-road items. Thanks Trail-Gear!


Fun Facts:

  • TG Manufactures product in house in Fresno, CA, USA.
  • TG has added a third 25,000 Square foot building to its Fresno headquarters. Allowing a dedicated shipping facility and components inventory facility.
  • TG is the sponsor of many off road events such as Ultra 4, Supercrawl, Idaho X Rocks and yes, the ultimate Ultra 4 event, King of the Hammers.
  • TG is adding an in house Amada Press Brake and Amada laser for production and new product development in 2017.

Trail-Gear's Newest Expansion: A 25,000 sq ft Building at Fresno Headquarters

Trail-Gear Sponsored Rig

Trail-Gear Company Party


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