Those Who Know Choose COMEUP—April 2015 Featured Supplier

Those Who Know Choose COMEUP—April 2015 Featured Supplier
April 14, 2015 Coleman Mcvea


Comeup is a company that has been a forerunner in winching expertise and innovation since 1975. Ever since they opened doors, Comeup has been designing and developing winches in basically every single application you could imagine.  Chances are, if you have stepped inside an industrial elevator, you have been held up by a Comeup winch.  If an elevator company trusts Comeup to take their customers, friends, family and themselves up thousands of feet in the air –– maybe they are worth looking at, right?


Why would Comeup be better than any other winch?  Well, the secret is not in the motor, the capacity or the controls, (even though they are top grade) the secret is in the brake.  Comeup has international patents on their Automatic, full load CBS (Cone Brake Structure). The CBS brake outside the drum expedites heat dispersion and also makes the winch ideal for use with synthetic rope.  You see, many winches use a brake inside the drum of the rope, or not even have a brake at all. With an internal brake, the winch rope acts as an insulator and keeps the heat from the brake inside the drum causing brake fade, slipping and failure.  The CBS system is also an adjustable true friction brake and provides the most brake surface area of any winch on the market. Many of the inexpensive units on the market do not even have a friction brake but use a coil spring in a bind up arrangement that is very prone to failure. With Comeup’s CBS System, the greater the load on the rope, the greater amount of braking is generated by the mechanism.


Comeup has a huge following in Russia, Australia and the middle east, but is now making huge waves in the USA Market.  People know the quality of Comeup winches, that is why they have been chosen to be used on Toyota Hilux trucks going to the north pole.  The expedition to the North Pole was even captured on film by the television program “Top Gear”. Comeup winches have also been used in vehicles competing in the Australian Tuff Truck Challenge. One of the worst environments––the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge also put to test the Comeup Blazer winch––and the winch came out as a crowd favorite. Many Toyota Tacoma, FJ Cruisers and Land Cruiser owners are outfitting their vehicles with Comeup Winches for a reason –– they are protecting their investment when they winch.


Comeup’s new Seal Series Winches are worth taking a look at.  They are 100% waterproof, have a IP68 Rating, and are available with integrated wireless capability.  Coming this spring is their new Seal 9.5si which comes with a battery life monitor, wireless remote signal indication and an audible buzzer that tells you if the motor is overheating…too cool!


If you like to work tough and play tough, take a look at Comeup.  It won’t be long before Comeup is a household name in the USA–– because it already is in the rest of the world.



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