Suzuki Samurai Venturi Vent Tube Nozzle Installation

Suzuki Samurai Venturi Vent Tube Nozzle Installation
March 19, 2015 Brycen Conk

This video shows the procedure for installing a venturi vent tube in the carburetor of a 86-88 Suzuki Samurai. This small enhancement can resolve a hesitation at mid throttle.

If you are running a stock carbureted motor, you have a easily fixable problem. Suzuki should have put this part in from the factory but caught it to late. “…Samurais may exhibit a hesitation/flat spot, in any gear, when in acceleration from partial to open throttle.” Your Samurai has or will have a flat spot in carburetor. When you are at an idle and you floor the throttle it will hesitate for a moment and then continue to rev up. That hesitation is what you want to get rid of. The reason for this is it causes a vacuum in the fuel bowl. This venturi tube catches some of the air coming into the engine and forces it into the bowl eliminating the flat spot. Super easy to install and only takes about 5 minutes.


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