Reid Racing—September 2016 Featured Supplier

Reid Racing—September 2016 Featured Supplier
August 24, 2016 Coleman Mcvea

In 1979, Dennis and Debra Reid started Dedenbear Products. Dedenbear was a company that started off of Dennis’s expertise in drag racing timing components.

In 2006, Reid Racing was started as a spin off from Dedenbear Products, Inc.  The need to create a separate company was because Dedenbear started manufacturing products for the Transmission and Off Road Industry.  “The product lines became so diverse that completely different skills were required to properly service and create new products, which became unwieldy for a single company.”- Reid Racing.

In 2007, AutoMeter Competition Instruments purchased Dedenbear Products, Inc.

Dennis and Debra Reid are still the owners of Reid Racing, with the same facilities, personnel and amazing customer service.

So what does Reid Racing do?   Today, almost every off road racing vehicle runs Reid Racing’s Super Hydra 400 Transmission Case.

These transmission cases are made by a permanent mold process from heat-treated aircraft grade aluminum. Why does this matter? Strength, and Accuracy.  But we can’t overlook the versatility and appearance of their products.  Every single transmission case comes out perfect.   Also, Reid’s Transmission cases are made in a 2-piece fashion. The transmission case and bell housing are separate pieces.

Not any engine can bolt to any transmission. So, Reid made it possible to bolt their transmission to a lot of engines by making many different transmission bell housings for different engines.   Is this not genius?

Also, if you have ever seen bright orange steering knuckles under a Dana 60 axle, it is usually Reid Racing’s.  These knuckles are one of the most used knuckles on the planet. Because they are made with high strength ductile iron and beefed-up with extra material and ribbing, they are of the strongest replacement knuckles available. Reid Racing is also the manufacturer of the only Forged Inner C’s for Dana 60’s.

If you are looking to build a Rock Crawler, King of the Hammers vehicle or just a buggy for pleasure— look no further than Reid Racing.  They produce high strength quality products that will not let you down. Choose Reid Racing Products available from Low Range Off Road.


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