Pro Comp USA—June 2017 Featured Supplier

Pro Comp USA—June 2017 Featured Supplier
May 24, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

Pro Comp 31X10.5R15 Xtreme MT2 Tires

A company called Explorer Competition Products began manufacturing lighting products back in 1985. In 1992 the company changed its name to Pro Comp USA and began manufacturing and selling high quality durable and high performance suspension systems for on- and off-road use. Suspension systems are what Pro Comp does best and this division continues to be their strongest department today. You might not know, but within the Pro Comp factory is a line of workers that come from the roots of Baja and trophy truck fabrication. Not only does Pro Comp design and develop their products in house, they also feature a full state of the art fabrication facility that is where almost all Pro Comp Suspension products are made.

In 1998 Pro Comp started a line of tires and has since become one of the top tire-manufacturing contenders in the aftermarket industry. This lead to the release of Pro Comp wheels that are believed to be the strongest steel and cast wheels in the market.

Pro Comp Passes Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard in Tundra

Pro Comp USA has been an industry leader in producing not only technically strong and durable suspensions systems but insuring the safety of their customers. In 2008 Pro Comp was the first suspension manufacturer to pass the NHTSA Electronic Stability Control Systems Test and then again in 2012 they successfully passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS126) test with six separate vehicles within a 12-month period. One of these suspension systems was the long awaited long travel Tundra kit. With a live driver and robotics attached to the Tundra, it withstood rigorous testing that mimic’s fast lane changes.  The bottom line is: testing proves the Long Travel Kit is not only capable off-road, it is a safe and reliable system for your Tundra on the road as well. Now you can have 14″ of travel, a 5″ wider stance and still take the kids to school.


Pro Comp USA’s NHTSA Certified Tundra Long Travel Suspension System

Low Range Off road is proud to be affiliated with Pro Comp USA.   Low Range and Pro Comp are committed to a no-hassle, user-friendly approach to finding the right parts for your vehicle; we stick to the basics to deliver what you need as quickly and affordably as possible.


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