New Products for June 2017

New Products for June 2017
May 31, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

Heavy Duty Suzuki Upper Alternator Bracket (SEU-UAUB)

That extra bulk from a GM alternator can be too much for your stock upper bracket. If you are having trouble with belt squeal after the GM alternator swap you should inspect your upper bracket.  If it is bent or twisted you may need to upgrade to the heavy duty bracket.

Our bracket is laser cut from 1/4″ steel. These are fully zinc plated to prevent rust.

Fits stock Suzuki Samurai  or GM Alternator Bracket. Also fits Sidekick, Geo Tracker 1.3L and 1.6L.


Crowfoot Wrenches

Trail-Gear’s crowfoot wrenches are the perfect addition to your tool bag. Available in 1-1/2” and 1-7/8” sizes for our 1” and 1-1/4” creeper joints or rod ends, respectively. The crowfoot wrenches are laser cut in-house from 1/2” A36 steel. These are a cheaper alternative to purchasing an expensive crowfoot wrench set.


1989-1998 Suzuki Sidekick |Tracker |X90 | Vitara LRTK Lift Kits

We have seen so many Sidekick strut failures that we designed our own heavy duty strut.   Working closely with a leading U.S. shock manufacture we have created the strongest front strut available for the Sidekick.  Our HD Struts have an extended shaft guide strut that helps keep the shaft aligned properly.

These also feature a .984″ Shaft for extreme strength and lateral stability. Dampening is also improved over stock for better handling characteristics.

Old Man Emu Springs are known for their ride quality and strength.  Combined with our struts these springs provide a mild 1.5″ lift that makes for a great street stance.


Suzuki Samurai Full Time 4WD Drive Flange Kit (SAX-DF)

Drive flanges are used in place of selectable locking hubs to achieve a full time locked position. To be clear, these are not for everyone. If you don’t know why you might want drive flanges than you really don’t need them. But for those who have been asking for a Samurai drive flange kit this is some exciting news.

A pair of replacement locking hubs will cost  nearly 3x more than this drive flange kit. With no moving parts, drive flanges are stronger than locking hubs and require no maintenance.

Toyota Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Mounts by Low Range Off-Road (TSP-SM-LR)

If you want to use longer springs on your Toyota you may need to relocate the rear shackle mount.  While some people choose to relocate the factory mounts, our 3/16″ boxed steel shackle mounts will hold up to much more abuse.

  • Use OEM Bushings
  • Bare Metal Finish
  • 3/16″ Steel Plate
  • Tube is 2-5/16″ Wide

2005-Present Toyota Tacoma Pioneer Platform Rack and Backbone – Double Cab by Rhino Rack (JA9016)

The sleek and stylish Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone System is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle. The black powder-coated design makes life easier by allowing you to load and unload your equipment in moments. The Pioneer Platform is made from reinforced nylon and aluminium which creates a lightweight strength that is incredibly durable. The non-corrosive Pioneer Platform has withstood testing in the harshest conditions around the world so you know it can be trusted.

2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Rear Plate Bumpers with Swing Away Tire Carrier by CBI Off Road Fab (T4R4-RB-PKG)

2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Rear Plate Bumpers with Swing Away Tire Carrier by CBI Off Road Fab (T4R4-RB-PKG)

The 4th Gen. 4Runner rear bumper package is the best that CBI Offroad Fab offers to take your 4Runner to the next level. This package offers specifically designed components with the true “recreationally insane” enthusiast in mind. It gives your 4Runner the best in looks and vehicle protection money can buy!

The 4th Gen 4Runner package includes our custom 4th Gen rear bumper with swing away tire carrier, can carrier mount for single or double, and hi-lift mount. The 4th Gen. 4Runner features our best design for maximum departure angle, uncompromised strength and durability to withstand your harshest abuse, and 3/4″ recovery points to get you out of those tight situations!

Toyota 8″ Front IFS Clamshell Reverse Silverback Ring and Pinion Gear by Low Range Off-Road

Toyota 8″ Front IFS Clamshell Reverse Silverback Ring and Pinion Gear by Low Range Off-Road

Silverback Gears are the highest quality ring and pinions available for Toyota Vehicles. These are made from heat treated 8620 Alloy on USA Gleason Machines. Gleason is the widest known hypoid gear cutting machines on the planet. Low Range Off Road will not settle for cheap gears. These ring and pinions are known for their quiet running and high strength. They have been beaten, tested and proven on the road daily and off road in the toughest trails across the world.  They are consistent in set-up and have the most consistent wear patterns out of any aftermarket Toyota gear available.  We don’t want to be stranded off road using an inferior ring and pinion, why should you?

Low Range Off Road brings to you only the best quality ring and pinion gears for Toyota…period.



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