New Products for April 2017

New Products for April 2017
March 31, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

1986-1989 Toyota Pickup | 4Runner Steering Box Rebuild Kit

Rebuilt steering boxes are getting expensive.  Save some of your hard earned cash and rebuild that box yourself.

These rebuild kits include all the seals you need to fix a leak in your 1986-1989 Toyota Pickup or 4Runner Steering Box.

Suzuki Samurai Wiper Link Rod, from Motor to Wiper Link

Samurai wiper link rods are not really “New”  but we have not had them online until now.

There are 2 parts that usually wear out on a Samurai Wiper System. The link and the rod.

Wiper Link can be found HERE.

1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai, SJ413 and Similar

High Steer Kit for Toyota OEM Solid Front Axle on Suzuki Samurai by Trail-Gear

The Trail-Gear Samurai High Steer Kit has been engineered specifically to add high steer capability to Toyota OEM solid front axles that have been installed on Suzuki Samurai vehicles..  This complete kit features solid forged 8620 steel steering arms, heavy duty 1-¼” x .250″ wall DOM drag link and tie rod, and FJ80 tie rod ends.  The drag link and tie rod are powder-coated black for protection from corrosion.  We even include the hard-to-find 1:10 taper reamer for reaming out your stock Samurai Pitman arm.  This kit is a perfect solution for those Samurai owners who want to use Toyota solid front axles with their stock Samurai steering box.

Available with 4 stud or 6 stud arms for Trail Gear Six Shooter Knuckles.

1999-2003 Suzuki Sidekick, Chevrolet Tracker, Vitara Master Transfer Case Rebuild Kit

This Transfer Case Rebuild Kit is our standard kit plus the mainshaft needle bearings and countershaft bearings to make it the most complete rebuild kit anywhere. We have a combination of the highest quality bearings, the right amount and correct seals and orings and the best OEM Specified silicone.

Fits:1999-2003 Suzuki Sidekick, Vitara, and Chevrolet Tracker  Transfer Case

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “What is the proper Suzuki manual transmission fluid?”  There is a lot of conflicting information online. We want to put an end to the debate right now!

The Samurai transmission needs Yellow Metal Safe transmission fluid. 75w-90 GL-4 Gear-Oil is the correct fluid for this transmission. But GL-4 can be hard to find and many believe that GL-5 works just fine.

You should not use GL-5 Hypoid Gear Oil in your Samurai Transmission:

Gl-5 is fully reverse compatible with GL-4 for its intended use as a “gear on gear” fluid. However it is not reverse compatible as a transmission oil. Unfortunately the API-GL specification was never intended as a transmission oil specification.

When Suzuki was deciding on a fluid for their transmission GL-4 just happened to fit their needs.  Soon after, GL-5 gear oil was introduced which relied on a sulphur heavy additive package that provided more protection for gear surfaces.  Unfortunately, this same sulphur made GL-5 destructive to brass synchronizers.  Using GL-5 in your Samurai transmission will lead to premature failure.

GM Synchromesh is a great alternative to GL-4 75w-90.

In retrospect, using a gear oil specification as a transmission oil standard was a terrible idea.   Many auto manufactures have solved this problem by creating their own standard.  General Motors Synchromesh combines all of the modern advances in gear oil technology with a yellow metal safe additive package that exceeds the old GL-4 standard and still protects your brass syncros.

Synchromesh viscosity is very similar to a 75w-90 gear oil and works well in the Samurai transmission.

While Synchromesh is a little more expensive than what you will see on most parts store shelves it is worth every penny in terms of transmission longevity.

Roll Cage Base Plates by Trail-Gear

Your roll cage is no place to skimp on strength.

Trail-Gear base plates are designed to be welded to cage tube end to provide a strong mounting base.

These base plates are laser cut  with Trail-Gears own machine in Fresno California. They are 1/4” thick hot rolled steel and the bolt holes are 3/8”. Three styles are available; small 2 bolt, large 2 bolt, and large 4 bolt.

They can be used to mount more than just roll cages so you can use them for whatever you need.

Sold Individually.


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