Maria Conk––July 2016 Employee Spotlight

Maria Conk––July 2016 Employee Spotlight
June 21, 2016 Coleman Mcvea

Q: What is your job/role at Low Range Off-Road? Accounting, Owner

Q: How long have you been working here? 8 years

Q: What do you like about working here? Low Range is like my second home, I can bring my kid to work

whenever I need to. It’s a very family friendly environment and its nice to be to work for yourself.

Q: Where are you originally from? Green River, Wyoming

Q: What is your work background? Detailer, Parts driver, Cashier at Toyota

Q: Any favorite sports teams? Pittsburg Steelers  

Q: What vehicles do you currently own? 2004 Toyota 4Runner

Q: What is your family like? I have a 6-year- old son named Gavin and my husband Sean. We also have a

dog named Vurdell. He has been with us since we got married 12 years ago. We have worked really

hard to start Low Range and it’s a big part of our lives.

Q: What are your hobbies? I like to read

Q: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? Artist

Q: What is your favorite restaurant? Pizza Pie Café, Olive Garden

Q: What is something that people may not know about you? I had a 94 Toyota Supra. I used to race it

at RMR (Rocky Mountain Race way) and Vegas Motor Speedway.

Maria Conk and son Gavin in front of Maria's 04 4Runner

Maria Conk and son Gavin in front of Maria’s 04 4Runner


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