Does Our LRT Leveling/Lift Kit fit the 2016 Tacoma?

Does Our LRT Leveling/Lift Kit fit the 2016 Tacoma?
January 5, 2016 Coleman Mcvea
untitled-1_1_3Tacoma 3″ to 1″ Leveling lift Kit by Low Range Off-Road

Some concern has been voiced that this kit will not work on the newly released and somewhat redesigned 2016 Tacoma.  We are confident that this kit will work just fine on all 2016 models;  but, just to be sure we decided to borrow one from our local Toyota Dealer and install it ourselves.  It fit perfectly!  In fact we were blown away at the end of the install to discover that the Taco’s fender height measurements were exactly level.  See “before” and “after” measurements below:

Front Fender               Driver Door Handle            Rear Fender

38   1/8″                             44  1/2″                                38  1/8″           After Lift

 35″                                       42  1/8″                                 36  3/8″        Before Lift

3   1/8″                                 2   3/8″                                 1   3/4″        Total Change

Some years ago Low Range Off-Road’s Research and Development Team set out to build the best Leveling/Lift kit on the market for the 05 and later Toyota Tacoma.  We believe we succeeded.  It is called the LRT 3″ to 1″ Leveling Lift kit.  This increasingly popular LRT Leveling/Lift kit is considered by many to be the absolute best Leveling/Lift Kit on the market.  (See Featured Article  Below)  It is easy to install, economical and unlike many other similar kits, retains the original ride quality by placing the spacer on top the coilover instead of dangerously disassembling the strut and squeezing it in with the spring. (See Video Below)


The rear lift features solid Aluminum CNC Machined Blocks, tapered to decrease drive line vibrations in the rear with *NEW* coated Metric sized OEM style u-bolts for corrosion resistance.  Included in kit is new OEM Style Flanged Nuts.


This kit is so well liked and respected that many Toyota Dealerships are offering it as an option on every Tacoma they sell.

2016 Toyota Tacoma with LRT Leveling/Lift Kit at Brent Brown Toyota of Orem, Utah

2016 Toyota Tacoma with LRT Leveling/Lift Kit at Brent Brown Toyota of Orem, Utah

We are confident you will find our LRT Tacoma Leveling Lift Kit to be excellent quality, easy to install and well worth every penny!  We also supply similar kits fort the TundraFJ Cruiser, and 4Runner.

The video included below  shows how to install our LRT 3″ to 1″ Leveling Lift Kit.  It is designed to fit the 2005 to 2016 Toyota Tacoma.  The video was created using a 2016 Toyota Tacoma as our example.

We encourage you to watch this video to see how simple this installation can be.

The Training Video

Note: Should you decide to purchase and install this kit we strongly recommend that you have your vehicle professionally aligned upon completion. 


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  1. Zach 3 years ago

    What are the tire sizes of that black Tacoma in the pic? Hard to see in the picture

    • Author
      Coleman Mcvea 3 years ago

      Sorry so long in our reply. Although I cannot be certain because the vehicle in not at the dealership any longer, I am pretty sure the tire size is LT265/70R17. Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting.

  2. Bradley Frasco 3 years ago

    Would 20×9 rims fit with this lift? If so what tire would u recommend, 275/55r20?

  3. Tony 2 years ago

    Would this kit for the 2016 tacoma fit the 2017???

    • Author
      Coleman Mcvea 2 years ago

      Absolutely. It is exactly the same. Thanks for commenting.

  4. mike mctigue 2 years ago

    1st of all real interested in this kit , the concern I have is the material of the spacers will they crack or distort over time , due to weather temps that I can be in is below 0 sometimes is the material very strong and will I be able to fit a 285 75 16 on stock 2017 Tacoma steel wheels with 1.25 wheel spacers thank you in advance for your time mike mctigue

    • Author
      Coleman Mcvea 2 years ago

      As to your concern about the durability of the kit spacers. They are really tough. They are Solid CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Spacers. We have had no problems that I am aware of with the spacers failing. So I would say you don’t need to worry about that, even in cold temperatures. As to the tires size and wheel spacers. I checked with one of our technicians here who is expert in Toyotas and he says those tires, wheels and wheel spacers should work just fine. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Martin Pintal 2 years ago

    the rear OEM shocks are ok for the kit or we have to change them ????? Some people say they have vibration on the driving shaft….. have you some with that kit ???? THank`s

    • Author
      Coleman Mcvea 2 years ago

      Martin, we have seen this kit installed on multiple new Tacomas right off the show room floor at the Toyota dealership. As far as we know we have not had any concerns with drive shaft vibration and as I am sure you are aware, new car customers are some of the most discerning/demanding of all customers. As to the shocks. We have been using the OEM shocks. There is no real need to change them out if they are new. However, the OEM shocks do limit the travel a bit. If and when the shocks do go bad it would be wise to replace them with a longer shock. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Bomb Dawg 1 year ago

    I’ve heard about the drive train vibration issue a couple times since I’ve been researching lifts for my ’17 Taco SR 4 door 4×4. Also, the slight altering of the geometry of the sway bar. I have gone ahead and ordered the shim kit for droping the sway bar a fraction of an inch to negate that issue, and a shim kit to lower the carrier bearing a fraction of an inch to restore the drivetrain angles. Thoughts?
    I have spoken with the dealership about your 3/1 kit and they like it so much they guarantee it doesn’t alter the warranty, so it’s worth the money to me!

    • Marcus Gonzales 1 year ago

      Hey Bomb Dawg, thanks for sharing! We recommend installing the lift without the shims first. See if there is a vibration issue that results from it, and only then add the driveline shims.

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