Inchworm Gear—March 2017 Featured Supplier

Inchworm Gear—March 2017 Featured Supplier
February 28, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

In late 2013, Jim Christiansen, the creator and owner of Inchworm Gear, merged forces with Low Range Off-Road to continue building the Inchworm Gear brand and product line. At that point we did keep things

New Inchworm Gear Logo

somewhat quiet as we wanted to make a few changes. We updated the logo, some of the products, revamped the kits to make them more complete, updated the instructions, and increased inventory on hand. We are still in the process of doing this but at this point we did feel like we were far enough along that we wanted to start “tooting our horn” so to speak.

For close to 2 decades Inchworm Gear has been a market leader in the Toyota Transfer Case and Drive Train Adapters to help you go slow on the trail.

Here is the history in the words of Jim himself:

Jim Working on Toyota Dual Case Adapter

Inchworm Gear started in 1991 with my ’82 Suzuki SJ410. I bought it with a huge lift and a Buick V6.  It ran well, but was tall and even narrower than the Samurais we’re all familiar with. In my effort to make it lower and/or wider, I ended up putting the body and engine onto a shortened 1980 Toyota Pickup frame.  I used a bell housing adapter to bolt the Buick engine up to the Toyota 4 speed and all the drive train was stock 1980 Toyota from there back. It was pretty quick, fun to drive, and it did really well off road from day one. I kept hearing about the Rubicon Trail and soon I was on my first run.

Tacoma Dual Case Adapter

     I had a great time, but could see that the Jeeps and Land Cruisers that had the truck 4 speeds (like the SM420) with the granny first gear, had a significant advantage. What could I do with a Toyota Pickup drive train to get the same advantage? At this point I had been taking machine shop classes in college for a few semesters and I started to think of ways I could solve this problem. I built an adapter and put an SM420 into my Suzuki. Immediately the world changed! I could go slow! Most of my family and friends had Toyota pickups. They wanted to go slow too, but the SM420 wasn’t such a great swap for a stock Toyota. About the same time there was an article in one of the magazines about guys in Iceland using two transfer cases to get low enough gearing to run 44″ tires so they could float on top of the snow. I realized this was a great idea and started my own design. I tinkered with it for a year or more before I had it all figured out to my liking. When I made my first prototypes in late 1994, one went into my Suzuki and one went into my brother’s first generation Toyota Pickup. They worked well and we spent a lot of time on the Rubicon and around Moab trying out my new creation and having a good time. It was amazing what a difference that gearing made!  From there the word spread and others wanted to go slow too. By then I had graduated so I hired a local machine shop to manufacture my first run of Double Transfer Case Adapters.

     My dad had said the vehicles with the extra low gearing seemed to “inch” along like an inchworm and the name just stuck. Inchworm Gear became a formal business in 1999 and since then the company has grown significantly. We have continued to design and enhance the product line of Double Transfer Case Adapters, Transmission to Transfer Case Adapters, fully Built Transfer Cases, and Differentials for the Toyota 4wd lineup. We have acquired our own CNC machining equipment and we manufacture our adapters in house.

Many of our customers will remember Clint, Reid, Corey, Matt, Jonathan, Russ, Cameron, and Josh. Each of these employees has made great contributions over the years to make Inchworm Gear what it is today; we appreciate each of them and all of their efforts as part of the Inchworm Team.

Low Range Off-Road Store Front in Orem, Utah, USA

     In mid 2013 my wife and I decided it was time for a change of scenery and started making plans to move both our home and business from Northern California to Northern Arizona. I felt it was time for

some changes in the way we did business as well. After much thought, I contacted Low Range Off-Road. I knew they had done well to make a name for themselves in the Toyota market and had the customer service I wanted to be associated with Inchworm Gear. Low Range had been an Inchworm dealer for several years, so they were already familiar with many of our products. After some negotiations, we agreed to join forces with Low Range Off-Road in late 2013.

Low Range Show Room, Orem, Utah, USA

Low Range Show Room, Orem, Utah, USA

       Low Range Off-Road became the marketing and support force for the Inchworm Gear Website and my designs. We still produce the products with the Inchworm name and will continue to bring more adapter combinations and other products to market.  We are thrilled about this new business adventure!

Jim Christiansen

Inchworm Gear


Sean and Jim Training Low Range Employees

So, with all that being said, we are very proud to Introduce Inchworm Gear products from Low Range Off-Road.

Another step in making Low Range Off-Road your One Stop Toyota Shop!

Please visit the new Inchworm Gear landing page within Low Range Off-Road’s website at to see all the current products and keep an eye out for more coming soon.

Sean Conk

Low Range Off-Road


Inchworm Product Application Table

Some of our More Popular Products

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