2014 Tacoma World Rock Therapy

How About Some Rock Therapy?

2014 Tacoma World Rock Therapy
March 18, 2015 Coleman Mcvea
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Feeling a little stressed, mind cluttered, and spring feverish?  You may be in need of a little  therapy.   Every year tacomaworld.com hosts an event in Moab Utah called . . .  you guested it — “Rock Therapy”.   4Wheel Drive enthusiasts come from all over the continent to run some of the most challenging and beautiful trails in the world.
Low Range Off-Road is one of the many sponsors of this annual event.  As Low Range representatives, Cody Brailsford  in his highly modified 2014 Toyota Tacoma and and his co-worker Tyler Hulse guided a trip on a trail called Elephant Hill.   They began their adventure, departing the BFE Area Campground, at about 8:40 am Friday May 30th, 2014.  “After you complete the initial series of switch backs you get the feeling you are stepping back in time” said Cody Brailsford, Technician for Low Range Off-Road.
Continuing on the canyon floor, travelers can see giant red sandstone formations, sprinkled with evergreens against a backdrop of deep blue shy.
Conveniently located at about the half way mark is Hells Kitchen Campground where the 5 rig group stopped briefly for lunch.  “This is my favorite view on the entire trail,” said Tyler Hulse, Low Range technician and Inchworm Gear Sales Manager. They then continued to the trail end where the Green and Colorado Rivers come together.
Other obstacles unique to this trail are very narrow passes, a series of stair step like rocks called Silver Stairs, sharp switchbacks, steep inclines and ledge overlooks.
If you are looking for a one day trail ride with unique red rock formations, challenges obstacles, and breathtaking views,  Elephant Hill may provide just the  “rock therapy” you need.



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