Factor 55—April 2017 Featured Supplier

Factor 55—April 2017 Featured Supplier
March 24, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

Mike Costa, Founder and President of Factor 55

In 1981 Mike Costa found himself enjoying the trail in his 1981 Toyota 4×4 Pickup of which he bought brand new off the Toyota lot.

Fast Forward to 2017 Mike finds himself selling the best winch accessory on the planet… but how did he get there?

Mike began as a Mechanical Engineer, working in both the aerospace and semiconductor industry. Years ago you would have seen Mike working on making Robotic parts to handle Plasma treatment of silicon wafers.  Whatever that means right?  You can tell just by the amount of words it takes to describe the jobs Mike has had to see that he is one smart man.

Living in Germany and tired of the daily grind, Mike realized that he needed a change. He could see his whole life passing by and doing something he didn’t enjoy anymore. One day Mikes mind ran wild- as any Mechanical Engineers would- of how to make a winch thimble after having trouble with his. Would it be possible for him to take these ideas, to start a business on his own and still put food on his family’s table?

Mike went out on a limb, quit his job, and mortgaged his house.  Risky right?  Yeah to say the least.  Two and a half years later Mike finds himself happy to have sold over 20,000 of the ProLink, his best selling product- with no failures to date.

Factor 55 Prolink, Fairlead and Synthetic Rope

The Internationally Patent protected ProLink provides a safe means to easily attach a standard 3/4″ screw pin shackle to existing winch cable and synthetic rope eyes. The cable or rope eye is captured into the body of the ProLink by a removable oversized 5/8″ double titanium shear pin.

Traditional Winch Hook

Why is this better?  It is much safer than a traditional hook.  How much safer?  In testing, Mike has found that the ProLink tests at around 40,000 lbs – 2 Times more than a traditional winch hook.  Winch hooks can be unsafe also in the fact that they can come “un-hooked”. Using a d-ring style shackle fully encapsulates the winch line or attachment piece– not allowing it to slip off unintentionally.

FACTOR 55 ProLink and D-Ring

Genius right?  Yes, to say the least.  All of Factor 55’s products have come from a brilliant mind, incredibly tested, and put into the harshest environments on the planet. Not only are they strong and safe, they flat out work.  That is why you will see the top King of the Hammers finishers with Factor 55 Product attached to their vehicles.

One of Factor 55’s  more recent products that is getting a lot attention is the Ultra-Hook.  It combines the strength and safety of the closed shackle pin hole with the convenience and quickness of a conventional hook system that is lockable.  It locks with a ball detent clevis pin that is conveniently stored in the UltraHook itself.  It also has self centering rubber pads that make storing the UltraLink against the Fairlead super easy with out marring the UltraHook or fairlead. Click below to see a video of Mike Costa detailing these and other features.


Low Range Off Road wants to say thank you to Factor 55 for being our Featured Supplier of the Month.  You can’t be a great company without great people… Factor 55 has them both.

Factor 55 products available through Low Range Off-Road

Factor 55 UltraHooks

Factor 55 Flat Links

Factor 55 Hitch Link

Factor 55 ProLink


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