Customer Suzuki’s

Customer Suzuki’s
March 6, 2017 James Blackburn



Vincent Eads: Suzuki Samurai with lift kit, rear locker , Weber carb and a few others parts from

Rex Mayo:Before the roll:                           LROR Spring over Lift with shock towers and driveline spacers. OTT steering 4.16 t case spartan lockers, 31 inch tires



       Micheal Butt:      34 Inch Tires, Low Range EOS t case cradle ( and 6.5 transfercase gears



Aaron Montez: Suzuki Samurai Buggy linked front and rear 37 inch BFG RED Labels


Jason Proctor : Mostly stock Suzuki Samurai


Darryl Martin 86 with 18 stretch in the middle, rock assault axles, longfield shafts, ARB front, spool back, 6.4 transfer case. Yj Springs front . Toyota pickup springs rear.



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