Competition Report—Captain Rob’s Team Goes to Agate Colorado, WITHOUT HIM!

Competition Report—Captain Rob’s Team Goes to Agate Colorado, WITHOUT HIM!
July 7, 2016 Coleman Mcvea

By Robby Flandro:

After a long but wonderful week of getting married, and honey mooning I got unfortunate news that my Grandma, of 99 years old had a stroke and most likely wasn’t going to make it through the weekend. With the dilemma of missing the Dirt Riot Mountain Series opening race or missing a funeral, I fortunately have an awesome crew and co driver that made it so I wouldn’t have to miss either! I handed the car over to Co-Driver Nick Schaefer and sent him on his way to Agate, Colorado to pick up points in our class. Here is his story.

“What a weekend! We headed out late Thursday night for Colorado, and the next morning made our way to Agate Colorado for the first of this Season’s Mountain Series Dirt Riot Race. This race was a little different than most because I was driving and Robby was not able to come. We went right to work as soon as we made it to the track; Gary and I pre-ran the track. I felt pretty good about it, given I had only driven the car just around camp a few times. We looked the car over one more time and called it a night. That night we found out about the mosquitoes that call the track home and how they did not really seem excited about us being there. Waking up Saturday morning, race day, my nerves were getting to me, not wanting to wad-up the car and our race not starting until 5 PM, I had plenty of time to think about it. Finally five o-clock came and we went out on the track. We were out in front and since we were first off the line, we had nice clean air. In my head I thought I was driving too slow and taking it a little too easy, however, I was able to stay out front and began getting more and more comfortable.   In the second lap I was able to pickup a little more speed and even started to have a lot of fun!  Then at the start of our third lap the transmission decided it didn’t want to play anymore. We lost 1st and 2nd gear completely, and sadly this ended the race for us.


Captain Rob's Race Team at Agate Colorado - - Photograph compliments of MRB Photography

Captain Rob Racing at Agate Colorado Dirt Riot Driven by Nick Schaefer and Co-Driver Gary Taylor- – Above Photographs compliments of MRB Photography


I want to give a huge shoot out to, Captain Robby Flandro for giving me the opportunity and trusting me enough to take his car out and race; to Gary Taylor for all of his help and having enough faith in me to climb into the car with me and co-drive, to James Blackburn for his help and hopefully getting some pictures of me taking Gwen off some sweet jumps, and “One job” Tyler Roundy for all of his help and support this weekend. Big thanks to Josh England, Rich C Klein, and Shelley Krehbiel for all they do for the sport in keeping these races and comps going.” – – Co-Driver Nick Schaefer

Captain Rob Racing at Agate Colorado Dirt Riot

Captain Rob Racing at Agate Colorado Dirt Riot, Car Driven by Nick Schaefer with Substitute Co-Driver Gary Taylor – – Above Photograph Compliments of Rocky Mountain Photography


Season Update:

I recently got married to my best friend and partner in crime! She is absolutely the most supportive and perfect match I could ever dream of! If you haven’t met her yet, I’m sure you will at a race or event soon enough.

We are currently in the points lead for the Southwest Dirt Riot Series, Second in points Nationally, and we are gunning for the points championship in the mountain series.

Our next race will be July 16th in Vernal Utah, the second race in the Mountain series. After that we are heading to Jean NV for the SNORE KC Hilights Midnight Special.

We are excited to be announcing two new marketing partners very soon, we will be welcoming these companies to our race family and are proud to say they are at the top of their game in the industry, and support what we do to the fullest.

I would like to thank all our current marketing partners for keeping us at the top of our game and helping us to keep doing what we love to do.

Captain Rob’s Marketing Partners

Low Range Off Road
Jimmy’s 4×4
ADS Racing Shocks
Ultra Wheel Company
Comeup Winch
Salt Lake Vapors
Dynomax Exhaust
Factor 55
Trail Gear
Midnight 4×4
Uinta Log Homes
Armor Coatings
Summit Machine
Cruiser Outfitters

Grip Lock Ties
Armed Workwear
KC HiLights
Yukon Gear and Axle
Live Fast Play Dirty
Doug Thorely Headers
Jaz Products
RCV Performance
JM Rigging
Impulse OffRoad
Adams Driveshafts
Simplicity Vinyl
Tuff Country


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