Bilstein Shock Absorbers—August 2016 Featured Supplier

Bilstein Shock Absorbers—August 2016 Featured Supplier
July 22, 2016 Coleman Mcvea
August Bilstein

August Bilstein

In 1873, in Altenvoerde Germany, August Bilstein stared out making metal window fittings under the company name of AUBI an abbreviation of August Bilstein. With revenue generated through some of his patents, August set up his own strip iron rolling mill in 1919. Hans Bilstein, after taking over his fathers business, began pioneering the concept of nickel and chrome plating in the early 1920’s.

In 1928 Hans Bilstein began supplying the first chrome-plated bumpers for mass-produced automobiles. One year later, Hans and company introduced the first usable side jack still in use today on many German built automobiles such as Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

Soon, enormous effort and investment went into the production of the all-new mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber.  This revolutionary technology was first introduced and came standard on the 1957 Mercedes-Benz. These innovative designed shock absorbers, through the use of nitrogen gas; maintained a high pressure on internal fluid that virtually eliminated the plaguing problem of cavitation (or foaming) of internal fluid. This cavitation reduces shock effectiveness by up to 35%. With this problem virtually eliminated, shocks could be tuned to perform accurately and consistently in super harsh conditions over a wide range of performance and racing applications.  The gas pressure shock absorber is still in wide use today and has revolutionized the safety, ride and handling of everything from high-end luxury cars to off-road racing.

Mono-Tube Gas Filled Shock Absorber

To see how the gas filled mono-tube shock absorber works click on the video below and advance to the 2:00 minute mark.



Bilstein pioneered the shock absorber early on and still leads the industry today in innovative technological advances.   We here at Low Range Off-Road, are proud to be an authorized dealer of the world famous Bilstein North America. Click HERE to see our full line of Bilstein Shock Absorbers.



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