ARB 4×4 2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Accessories

ARB 4×4 2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Accessories
October 11, 2017 Coleman Mcvea




2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper – Summit by ARB (3423150K)

The all new Summit bar continues the ARB tradition of pioneering innovation and relentless pursuit on quality. Summit is a modern interpretation of the iconic ARB Deluxe bar, styled to complement modern 4×4 vehicles through a fresh, contemporary design. Building upon our proven air bag compatible bull bar mounting structure, the Summit bar incorporates unique design features such as a 30mm edge radius on the wings and center pan, wider press formed cover straps, 60.3mm top frame tubing, two piece polyethylene buffers and redesigned fog lights (included). This results in the most visually impressive frontal protection system o the market.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumper – Summit by ARB (3623040)

With the growing popularity of the dual cab pickup, ARB’s engineers were given the task of designing a modern bumper with an integrated appearance.

From the press formed wings, the lower diffuser panels, each component has been designed to complement the vehicle’s design in a stylish and practical manner, with no compromise to the level of protection.

This rear bar retains the OE towbar assembly including trailer wiring and the license plate illumination. Press formed wings have been introduced to closely mimic the shape of the factory tub yet still provide  improved protection over the original equipment tow bar and rear bumper. Hi Lift jack points have also been incorporated into both the wings and the lower tube section. To create a seamless integration to the vehicle’s styling, paint-able molded infill panels are provided to replace the upper portion of OE rear bumper assembly.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Safari Snorkel by ARB (SS172HP)

Avoiding dust, water and snow ingestion is essential for keeping your 4×4 moving down the trail. Safari Snorkels relocate an engine’s air intake from a low, vulnerable position to a high, safe location where a constant supply of cold, clean air is available.

Featuring the new ARMAX design, the new Toyota Tacoma snorkel for the 2nd generation model is the start of a new generation of raised air intakes from Safari Snorkel. Tested and verified on an airflow bench, each ARMAX design ensures that the airflow through the snorkel meets or exceeds that of the factory inlet design. This ensures that if the owner wishes to increase their engine’s performance (ECU, exhaust, forced induction), the snorkel will meet those needs while providing the cold, clean air that is a standard benefit from any Safari Snorkel model. The SS172HP ARMAX outperforms the CFM flow of other brand Tacoma application snorkels by 10%.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma OME BP-51 Complete Suspension Kit – 2″ Lift by Old Man Emu (OMETAC16BP51B)

The new BP-51 range of high performance, bypass shock absorbers is the result of an exhaustive development process aimed at delivering the ultimate in both comfort and control.

Designed, developed and tested entirely in-house by ARB’s team of Old Man Emu ride engineers, BP-51 shock absorbers are vehicle specific and utilise existing mounting locations to provide easy installation without the need for additional vehicle modification.

Unlike most other adjustable shock absorbers, which provide adjustment for compression only, the BP-51 range allows on vehicle, independent adjustability of both rebound and compression to offer class leading ride customisation that can be tailored to individual vehicle or trip requirements.

ARB Intensity LED Driving Light – Spot Beam (AR32S)

Unlike light bars that were growing in popularity, ARB required a light that was compatible with current bull bar designs and traditional driving light mounting points. They also needed to be a legal fitment which, in many states, light bars are not. Many ARB customers prefer a combination of a spot and spread driving light due to the various driving conditions encountered in general off-roading. Most LED light bars on the market are considered great lights for slower off road driving where the ability to see great distances is not so critical. For ARB’s new light to compete with the best the market can offer in Halogen and HID lighting, it needed to give not only the broad flood beam associated with light bars but also a spot beam with the ability to penetrate longer distances.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Recovery Point – Right Hand Side 18,000lbs by ARB (2823010)

The recovery point is rated in an angled direction of pull for angles up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels of the vehicle. To ensure that during an angled recovery there are no inappropriate forces exerted on the shackle, the recovery point has a long slot to allow the recommended bow shackle to be fed through and the strap attached via the pin instead of the bow. This allows even distribution of the recovery force through the shackle to avoid side loads on the pin. Side loads on the pin invoke forces that tend to open up the shackle, putting unwanted load on its weakest point, the pin threads. ARB’s engineers have developed the recovery point to fit in conjunction with standard bumpers and ARB bars and to use points within the chassis to achieve the 18,000lbs rating. Four mount points are included per recovery point to ensure that there is no torsional twist on angled pulls. A crush tube and nut plate extension are included in the fitting kit to work with existing mount holes within the chassis.

ZEON 10-S Platinum Winch With Spydura Synthetic Rope by Warn (92815)

The ZEON 10-S Platinum is built for those who push the limits-with double the durability, 20% faster line speed, and extreme IP68-rated waterproofing. The Advanced Wireless Remote controls not only the winch, but also the clutch and other accessories. With a 10,000 lb. pulling capacity, high-performance motor package, and Spydura® Synthetic Rope, you’ll be equipped to go places others only dream about.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Skid Plates by ARB (5423010)

ARB Under Vehicle Protection panels are designed to give protection to vital underbody components including steering, engine oil pan, transmission and transfer case.

Laser cut, press formed and folded 3mm sheet steel is used in ARB UVP to provide superior strength and protect vulnerable under vehicle components. The ARB UVP for the Toyota Tacoma 2016-Present generation consist of four carefully designed panels. The front, engine, transmission, and transfer case panels bolt directly to the chassis and cross members to provide continuous under vehicle protection from front bar to the transfer case.

Each UVP panel includes a return edge to add strength to the 3mm panel. The panels are zinc plated and powder coated in a silver textured finish. Recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for servicing.

On-Board High Performance 12 Volt Twin Air Compressor by ARB (CKMTA12)

ARB’s CKMTA12 twin on-board compressor is designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high-volume compressed air source to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air powered tools, and also to suit the actuation and control needs of the ARB Air Locker, and the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air Locker user.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack Kit – 60″ x 54″ by Rhino Rack (42101BF,RPUB1)

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Truck Bed Towers allow you to fit a Pioneer System to your Truck Bed to provide a solid platform for mounting your gear, accessories or a roof top tent to.

The kit comes with 4x 25cm / 10″ towers that are mounted to the internal tracks of your truck bed as well as the hardware required for installation.

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is a sleek and stylish roof rack accessory for a range of 4WDs and utilities. Made with strong, durable and lightweight reinforced nylon and aluminium, these non-corrosive Pioneer Platforms have been tested in the most rugged conditions and have passed with flying colors.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Summit Side Steps and Protection Rails by ARB (4423010)

ARB’s recently released Summit bullbar for the Toyota Tacoma has had Summit Side steps, rails and returns developed to suit. This modular design incorporates an option of equiping only the side step portion or extending the provided protection to seamlessly flow into a front rail that covers the vehicle’s fender.

ARB side protection equipment acts as a shield for your vehicle’s vulnerable lower panels, protecting them from rocks and road debris frequently encountered during remote area travel. At the same time, protection steps provide a practical benefit by improving vehicle access.

ARB has undertaken an exhaustive research and evaluation program to ensure all front rails and protection steps are fully compatible with side air bags and don’t interfere in any way with modern vehicle safety systems.

The step section is capped with an anodized silver aluminum extrusion featuring front to rear ridges for grip and stability when entering or exiting the vehicle. The side steps and front rails are coated in ARB’s proprietary Integrit powder coating.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma 8″ Front Clamshell Air Locker – 30 Spline 3.73 & Down (RD121)

This ARB RD121 Toyota 8″ inch Air Locker is one of the world’s most highly regarded traction aid. The ARB Air Locker is a driver controlled locking differential originally designed to give serious 4 wheelers the traction needed to combat extreme off road terrain. When extra traction is required, the driver activates the Air Locker via a convenient dash mounted switch. Pneumatic pressure supplied by an on board air compressor engages ARB’s patented locking mechanism within the Air Locker, thus preventing the wheels from turning independently. The Air Locker is deactivated by flicking a switch, returning the differential to normal. By far the most coveted locker in the world! Choose from front or rear lockers.

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack – Double Cab by ARB (3800250,3723010)

The current generation ARB Roof Rack has been around for many years, but its proven design for strength, durability and utility has shown itself to be up to the demands of those who travel into remote areas. These racks are a great place to store bulky items like chairs, sleeping bags and tents and accepts the ARB Intensity LED Light Bar.

The kit is precision made for a perfect and quick installation. The panels are zinc plated and powder coated, while stainless steal fittings are used, to ensure weather resistance.


Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent by ARB (ARB803101)

The ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent will provide the ultimate in ease and convenience when travelling.  Unfolding in minutes, a rooftop tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements.  Spacious and comfortable, all bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital storage space in the vehicle, and allowing the tent to be quickly and easily packed away.



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