Raceline—January 2017 Featured Supplier

Raceline—January 2017 Featured Supplier
December 29, 2016 Coleman Mcvea

Raceline wheels is NOT a newcomer when it comes to beadlocks, they have been in the business for over 20 years.  This experience in beadlock manufacturing has landed them one of the largest followings for off-road beadlocks on the planet. Why?

Raceline not only has true forged aluminum wheels, but they are also one of the only companies to do a true high pressure cast aluminum wheel.  What does this mean?  Rather than just let aluminum gravity feed into a mold, their wheels actually have aluminum forced with a ram into a mold.  This creates less potential for porosity and aluminum density issues which can lead to wheel failure. Think of the difference like a sponge to a sponge that is squeezed. How many holes exist when the sponge is squeezed?

Raceline knows that their product is going to be used in the harshest off road environments.  Let’s just say that the wheels are more than purpose built. They not only can be used on your every weekend crawler, they can be used in the cream of the crop off-road racing such as ULTRA 4 and King of the Hammers.

Raceline has a lot of time and engineering into their wheels, that is why so many people use them.  Look at the racers in the King of the Hammers, almost 60 percent of them run Raceline Wheels.  That’s a testament to quality in itself. Multiple off road championships and testimonials of the top racers in the world can prove the strength of Raceline wheels.

Raceline has it down… They make unbelievable wheels at a price that is affordable. They also have a testament to quality and strength in the worst possible environments in the world.

Raceline RT232 Monster Beadlock Wheels

Raceline also cares about the community and often gives back by sponsoring High School Automotive programs like the “Honker Shop” of Arlington High School in Arlington, Oregon. The students were building a rock crawler as a program fundraiser and Raceline donated a set of new Monster Aluminum Beadlocks to help them with their project. Not only are the students learning valuable fabrication skills, they are able to supplement program funding for years to come with help from companies like Raceline.

Thanks so much Raceline, keep up the good work!


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