4th Gen 4 Runners

2003-2009 4th Gen Toyota 4runner
May 22, 2017 James Blackburn

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  1. Mark 2 years ago

    I have 2003 4RUNNER Limited. I removed the failed XREAS suspension and replaced it with conventional shocks. Now the dash lights related to the ABS and skid control systems are lit. Are those systems now non-functional? If so, what can I do to re-activate those systems. If not, how do I get those dash lights to turn off? Thx

    • Coleman Mcvea 2 years ago


      Sorry so long in responding. The answer to your question is that the ABS and Skid Control Systems are not part of the XREAS system. We have not experienced your same concern (Warning Lights) when removing the XREAS system components from vehicles. Our suspicion is that you could have damaged an ABS sensor or wiring in the process of removing the XREAS components and installing conventional shocks. If I were in your circumstance, I would do a careful visual inspection of all the ABS sensors and wiring, especially in the areas you worked on the XREAS components. If I did see any problems I would pull (or have someone else pull) the ABS trouble code(s) and go through the diagnosis associated with that code or codes. Hope this helps. Good luck with the project.

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