2002 Toyota Tacoma—April 2017 Project Update

2002 Toyota Tacoma—April 2017 Project Update
March 31, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

By Camden Jensen

My Father bought this wrecked 2002 Toyota Tacoma Extra Cab Pickup with only 35,000 miles on it. We stretched the frame 14 inches and installed a double cab with a long bed. It has a 6-inch Fabtech lift and a custom soft-top sun roof. I plan to do a straight axle swap and continue its use as a daily driver and off-road “Toy”.


  1. Tony Leavitt 2 years ago

    Long been a fan of Toyota trucks and wheelin them.

    A couple of (uneducated with regard to Tacomas) questions about your truck;

    Is it a stick?
    If so, were there mods required to the cab in order to accommodate the transmission?


    • Marcus Gonzales 2 years ago

      I reached out to Camden, and his response was: “yes its a stick and we didnt have to do much it fit pretty solid”.
      Let us know if you have any other questions,

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