1995 Suzuki Sidekick—March 2017 Project Update

1995 Suzuki Sidekick—March 2017 Project Update
February 28, 2017 Coleman Mcvea

The name of my newest build is “Soda Can”.

Tylor’s 95 Suzuki Sidekick with his Samurai in the background

I traded my Samurai for it. I have mixed feelings but I am growing to love the Soda Can Sidekick as much as my Unnamed Samurai.  Here it is with my Samurai in the back:

How she came:
95 Suzuki Sidekick 4 door
2″ spacer lift
2″ body lift
Monroe rear shocks
31″ Firestone Destination A/T’s
5.13 differentials
Spooled rear
4.24 transfer case
Aftermarket 4×4 front and mid skid
Custom tank skid
Custom rocker sliders
Rear differential skid
Custom front and rear bumpers

Hide away front winch
New rear bumper with swingaway carrier.
Header and full custom 2″ exhaust
Leaf sprung front only Dana 44 SAS
Panhard bar
Custom super flex link rear on 5″ lift coils
Silverback rear axles
Lockright rear locker
In cab rear shock hoops
DT 8000 shocks
32″ or 33″ skinny M/T’s
Paint job
Roof basket mounted to factory roof rack
Chopped fenders
Fender armor with slider rails

It’s in good running condition. Engine sounds great. It rusted quick in just the few years the previous owner had it. That’s why I am not afraid of chopping the fenders. The rest I will repair.

Currently has very patchy exhaust. I picked up a header for it and muffler. Just need a catalytic converter since it doesn’t have one currently. The EGR light kicks on now and then. I imagine it’s unhappy with the lack of back pressure.

95 Sidekick Fuel Pump Repair

Dropped it off at the exhaust shop and the shop couldn’t get it started the next day. Took me two weeks to figure out and fix the fuel pump. Body harness is shot. It’s common for these to corrode to nothing. I got agood used harness but haven’t installed it yet. I made a temporary standalone fuel pump relay harness that runs off the cigarette lighter for switched power. Only thing the ECU controls for fuel on these is switching ground or cutting fuel when no tachometer signal is present.



95 Sidekick coming to Utah from Ohio


I moved to Utah from Ohio shortly after getting the Sidekick. Stuffed it into a box truck and drove all the way here to work for Low Range Off-Road.




I’ve done a few little things since then maintenance wise like brighter bulbs, spark plugs, wipers, coolant flush,  oil change and of course the fuel pump and carrier. Accessories I added are a Low Range Defiant stinger, Trail-Gear LED pods, American Racing wheels and a Cobra 19 Ultra III CB radio.

Tylor’s 95 Sidekick in Utah

I have the HI-Lift jack disassembled right now. I have sand blasted it and plan to paint it with enamel then purchase the Hi-Lift rebuild kit to get it some new pins and springs.


That’s all I have imagined thus far. It will take a while. Currently working on the hideaway winch and soon to do the SAS and lift as I have a lead on a Dana 44 front axle.

Thank you,

Tylor Kinniard, Your salesman at Low Range Off Road.


  1. Cal 2 years ago


    Very Nice! I will definitely follow your build up. Working on one myself…
    97 Sidekick 4×4, 2″ body 2″ suspension, 33’s with a little trimming.
    So what is the deal with the fuel pump… will be swapping in another unit this weekend. Relays, Wiring or defective pumps??

    Pic & idea swaps if you like..


  2. Rob 1 year ago

    Very cool…Good to see someone else with a 4 door. How bad is the rear spool to drive on?

    • Marcus Gonzales 1 year ago

      Hey Rob, I asked Tylor your question, and his response was:
      “I loved every minute of it. I liked the %100 predictability of it compared to a ratcheting locker. I know it’s locked and I know how it will act in turns. Especially in the snow. My Samurai also has a spool in the rear and I drive it regularly that way as well. It’s cheaper, more reliable and stronger in my opinion.”
      Thanks for your question! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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