1 Million Views on YouTube

1 Million Views on YouTube
December 1, 2015 Coleman Mcvea

1 million views on YouTube

Where do you go when you need to know how to repair something on your car or truck?  Back in my day we’d ask a friend, open up a Motor or Chilton’s Repair Manual or heaven forbid, even a text book.  Today we, “google it” and most of these searches will end with a YouTube video showing step-by-step how to do almost anything.

Low Range Off-Road co-founder Chris Conk started our YouTube Channel on December 13, 2007 with a video called “Low Range Off Road Suzuki Samurai in Mickey’s Hot Tub”.  It was a 13 second video of a family owned 1987 Suzuki Samurai on a trail called Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah, USA.  This video currently has just over 63,000 views.   Low Range Off-Road’s YouTube Channel now has 76 video’s, with over 3,000 subscribers and around 2,000 views per day.  At the current trend we will reach 1 million views on about December 24th, 2015.

As of right now our most watched video is “Tacoma Tie Rod Replace” with 127,089 views.  Lately, our most popular video has been the “1.3L Suzuki Samurai Engine Rebuild (Part 1)”.  This is the first of a highly informative and detailed 9 part video series on how to rebuild a Samurai engine.  One of our most recent productions has been a 9 part video series on how to rebuild a Toyota solid front axle.  This series shows how to modify and add armor to the axle housing, as well as how to rebuild or replace the hubs, knuckles, bearings, axle shafts, brakes, wheel studs, seals and more.
Low Range Off-Road wants to take this opportunity to thank all our viewers for their part in allowing us to serve you in yet another way.  With your continued support we will be able to make many more interesting and informative videos.  If you have suggestions for future productions, please email us at sales@lowrangeoffroad.com.  Thanks for watching!
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Written by LROR Media Specialist Coleman McVea


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